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Prime Acquisition Corp. Announces Cancellation of Remaining Transaction Value Agreement

Cancellation of this Transaction Value Agreement eliminates all potential dilution relating to the transaction value agreements entered into at the time of Prime’s acquisition of Italian real estate.

SHIJIAZHUANG, China-- Prime Acquisition Corp. (“Prime” or the “Company”) (OTCQB: Common Stock: “PACQF”, Units: “PAQUF”, Warrants: “PAQWF”) today announced that it has reached an agreement to cancel the Transaction Value Agreement (“TVA”) dated September 30, 2013, between Prime and Cesare Lanati, Stefano Lanati, Davide Rigamonti, Bell Real Estate S.r.l., and IGS S.r.l. With this agreement, all Transaction Value Agreements related to Prime’s Italian real estate acquisitions have been cancelled.

Mr. William Yu, interim chief executive officer and director of Prime, stated, “As we had previously announced, our management team has been working on reorganizing the Company, and this transaction is a part of the ongoing process. We are pleased to have reached these agreements with Messrs. Cesare and Stefano Lanati, Rigamonti, and Mattei, and believe the cancellation of this TVA to be in the best interests of our shareholders and the Company. Cancellation of this TVA eliminates all potential dilution relating to the transaction value agreements and thereby bolsters shareholder value. As we enter 2015, we are focusing our attention on exploring opportunities for potential acquisitions with profitable operations.”

About Prime Acquisition Corp.

Prime Acquisition Corp. is a Cayman Islands company that owns and operates office, commercial and industrial properties in Italy. Prime is focused on building a portfolio of high yield-producing assets.

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